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Construction innovation, manufacturing technology, and top-notch business solutions are at the heart of My Black Diamond. Here, you will find valuable information on recent trends and technologies you may want to keep in mind as you strive to succeed.


Understand everything about business creation, operations, cost reduction, and optimizing business processes to increase profit.


Make better business decisions by keeping up with the latest technology and knowing what's trending in the construction industry.


Insights on advanced manufacturing, data & trends, sustainability, exports, and best practices in the manufacturing industry.


News and practical information for businesses to automate processes, retain employees, and streamline operations.


Hello there! The fact that you have found my website suggests that you, like me, dream of starting and running your own business. My philosophy is that if you do not build your dream, someone else will eventually hire you to help them build theirs.

I’m Cassandra Gemel, a budding businesswoman who enjoys writing. I am a perfectionist, always striving to do my best regardless of what life throws at me. With this blog, I hope to share what I have learned from my years as a specialty contractor, and keep you informed about everything going on in the business world and the construction and manufacturing industries.

It's more than just a blog!

That’s right, you read it correctly. Here, you’ll learn how to be brilliant at your business. Success in today’s world doesn’t require a business degree. Ideas are the fuel that powers the world today. What ideas do you have to streamline construction at the your site? Do you know of any manufacturing equipment that works on greener fuels but reduces fuel bills? Discover such innovative strategies and ideas here so that you can start implementing them in your business.

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    Explore the fundamentals of successful business plans, models, and strategies.

  • Enterprise Culture

    Establish effective values, practices, and ethics, as stakeholders are more likely to do business with businesses that have healthy cultures.

  • Construction Tech

    Find out more about the cutting-edge robotics apps, BIM software, 3D printing technologies, and much more.

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